The Administering Windows Server 2012 certification training will teach core skills and knowledge necessary to implement a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in an existing enterprise environment. After completing this Windows Server 2012 course, students will be able to configure Encryption and Advanced Auditing, deploy and maintain Server Images, and implement Update Managements. IT covers implementation, provisioning, management and maintenance of services in a Windows Server 2012 enterprise environment.

This Windows Server certification focuses more on the administration tasks required for maintaining a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure including tasks such as deploying and troubleshooting name resolution, executing DirectAccess Remote Access solution, user and group management using Group Policy and Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Network Access Protection and Network Policies, Web Application Proxy and VPNs, implementing Data Security, implementing and maintaining server images, monitoring and update management of Windows Server 2012 enterprise environments.

Administering Windows Server 2012 training is best suited for system administrators, Windows Server administrators and other IT professionals who wish to enhance their skills for performing basic management and maintenance activities for Windows Server.

How will this Course help You

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:
Configuring DNS Conditional Forwarding
Installing and Configuring DNS Zones
Configuring AD DS Snapshots
Configuring the Active Directory Recycle Bin
Configure password policy and user account lockout settings.
Configure managed service accounts.
Managing GPO Scope
Verify GPO Application
Configuring Group Policy Preferences
Managing Software with Group Policy
Installing and Configuring NPS to Support RADIUS
Configuring and Testing a RADIUS Client
Configuring IPSec Enforcement for NAP
Identifying the Source of a Performance Problem
Viewing and Configuring Centralized Event Logs
Monitoring and Troubleshooting NAP