In this course, you will learn about security and maintenance concerns in an Oracle database with an introductory focus on Oracle SQL and PL/SQL for newer IT employees.


  • Database administrators
  • Support engineers
  • Technical consultants
  • Systems administrators
  • Network managers
  • Technical support personnel

How will this Course help You

  • Create and administer user accounts in the Oracle 12c database
  • Backup and recover the database
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain the database
  • Do the following Labs:
    • Lab 1: Multiple SQL Labs
    • Lab 2: Multiple PL/SQL Labs
    • Lab 3: Architecture / Advanced Memory Mgt.
    • Lab 4: Starting And Stopping The Database
    • Lab 5: Using the Database Console (EM)
    • Lab 6: Tables, Indexes and Constraints
    • Lab 7: Creating Other Database Objects
    • Lab 8: Users and Security
    • Lab 9: Performance Metrics and Monitoring
    • Lab 10: Archivelog Setup
    • Lab 11: Recovery Manager Configuration
    • Lab 12: Recovery Manager Backups
    • Lab 13: Automated Management Tools



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