n this course, you will learn about the Oracle Server architecture, expand the size of the database, implement security, and how to perform specific database administration tasks.

  • Data analysts
  • Database administrators
  • Systems administrators
  • Network managers
  • Technical support personnel

How will this Course help You

  • Oracle Server Architecture
  • Install Oracle Server Software
  • Start and Stop an Oracle Database
  • Manage Tablespaces and Undo Segments
  • Create an Oracle Database
  • Create Tables, Constraints, and Indexes
  • Create All Other Database Objects
  • Manage Redo Logs
  • Manage Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • Manage Controlfiles
  • Manage Security
  • Audit the Database
  • Manage Oracle Networking
  • Perform Appropriate Backups
  • Perform Complete and Incomplete Recoveries


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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