The HNTD-1 course focuses on providing a naturally progressive path of learning towards developing expertise in the implementation and maintenance of Huawei enterprise networks. This step-by-step training establishes a firm foundational knowledge of data communications, and establishment of fundamental networks, with gradual implementation of Switching, Routing, WAN, Security technologies and services to establish industry relevant enterprise networks. The modularity of the course allows for selective reading to accommodate for each stage of personal development.

Target Audience

Network Administrators.
Anyone who is involved in network operations.

Associated Certification & Exam

HCNA certification validates the knowledge and skills required for basic configuration and maintenance of small to medium-sized networks. With HCNA certification, you demonstrate a basic understanding of small and medium-sized networks, including general network technologies, and the ability to assist the design of small and medium-sized networks, and implement the designs using Huawei routing and switching devices. Engineers who are HCNA certified, enterprises are able to construct simple networks and integrate voice, wireless, cloud, security, and storage technologies into their networks in order to support a variety of applications.

The HCNA-HNTD exam covers basic IP network connectivity, TCP/IP technologies, Ethernet technologies such as STP and RSTP, VLAN and Link Aggregation and their implementation within Huawei switches. Routing principles and technologies including RIP and OSPF for IPv4 and IPv6 networks, WAN technologies, IP based security, network management as well as IPv4 and IPv6 based application services.

Certification: HCNA (Huawei Certified Network Associate)
Exam Code: H12-211
Duration: 90 mins
Pass score: 600/1000
Exam Type: VUE

*Delegates will need to complete HNTD-Part2 as well before attempting the HCNA exam.*

How will this Course help You

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

Explain the intricacies of data transmission over IP networks, for competency in supporting, maintaining and troubleshooting IP networks.
Perform IP address planning for establishing well designed networks.
Navigate and manage Huawei products through the virtual routing platform (VRP).
Build efficient data switching environments through the management of switching products and manipulation of related (STP/RSTP) link layer protocols.
Explain the principles of routing and configure (RIP/OSPF) routing protocols for implementation and support of effective enterprise network routing solutions.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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