This five-day course teaches students how to design, deploy and maintain Service Manager 2012 within their organizations. Students are introduced to the various System Center 2012 products and will learn how Service Manager 2012 is designed and deployed within the System Center suite. In addition, students will learn how to customize the end user experience and automate service request responses, as well as learn best practices for using Service Manager 2012. This course incorporates hands-on learning opportunities so students can practice applying business solutions to real-world scenarios. After completion, students will have the skills necessary to manage Service Manager 2012 for maximum business benefit.
Audience profile

This course is designed for IT professionals and business analysts who already have prerequisite technical knowledge of the underlying infrastructure and components that integrate with Service Manager 2012. These IT professionals are primarily responsible for implementing a service desk and need in-depth knowledge of Service Manager 2012.

How will this Course help You

After completing this course, students will be able to:
Explain the role of Service Manager 2012 and the entire System Center suite.
Describe the fundamentals of MOF and ITIL as they relate to Service Manager 2012.
Discuss the overall architecture and design considerations for Service Manager 2012.
Install and configure Service Manager 2012.
Import and configure management packs.
Populate Service Manager 2012’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
Establish role-based security.
Extend the functionality of Service Manager 2012 using connectors.
Utilize lists, queues and templates.
Implement incident, change, release and service level management.
Design workflows for automated incident routing and escalation.
Configure the Service Manager 2012 environment.
Create service offerings and request offerings and customize the Self-Service Portal.
Implement runbook automation activities with Orchestrator 2012.
List System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 updates.
Integrate Service Manager 2012 with the System Center 2012 suite.


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