This course is designed for those who are new to PLC programming that will be creating, modifying or troubleshooting S7 PLC systems with SIMATIC STEP 7 software and “first responders” to industry operations utilizing Siemens S7 automated control systems. Maintenance technicians, electricians, supervisors and others, who need an understanding of their Siemens control system, should attend this course to maximize line uptime.



What You Will Learn
  • Full Understanding of S7 hardware and software
  • Understand the concept of “Totally Integrated Automation ”
How will this Course help You

  •  Fast and effective acquisition of knowledge
  •  Minimal downtimes of your production lines.
  •  Minimal technical staff turnover.
  •  A motivated and skilled personnel
  •  Simplified and shortened decision-making processes
  •  Easy technology adaptations